Stellarator Optimization Package

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DESC solves for and optimizes 3D MHD equilibria using pseudo-spectral numerical methods and automatic differentiation.

The theoretical approach and implementation details used by DESC are presented in the following papers and documented at Theory. Please cite our work if you use DESC!

Quick Start

The easiest way to install DESC is from PyPI: pip install desc-opt

For more detailed instructions on installing DESC and its dependencies, see Installation.

The best place to start learning about DESC is our tutorials:

For details on the various objectives, constraints, optimizable objects and more, see the full api documentation.

If all you need is an equilibrium solution, the simplest method is through the command line by giving an input file specifying the equilibrium and solver options, this way can also can also accept VMEC input files.

The code is run using the syntax desc <path/to/inputfile> and the full list of command line options are given in Command Line Interface. (Note that you may have to prepend the command with python -m)

Refer to Inputs for documentation on how to format the input file.

The equilibrium solution is output in a HDF5 binary file, whose format is detailed in Outputs.

Repository Contents

  • desc contains the source code including the main script and supplemental files. Refer to the API documentation for details on all of the available functions and classes.

  • docs contains the documentation files.

  • tests contains routines for automatic testing.

  • publications contains PDFs of publications by the DESC group, as well as scripts and data to reproduce the results of these papers.


Command Line Interface and I/O

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